How Working with a Life Insurance Broker Benefits You

+If you turn on the television or surf the web, you’d know that do-it-yourself is now the norm for everything from home construction projects to dog grooming. People have plenty of ways to get inspiration and information on how to go at a task alone—even if they have no prior DIY experience with a certain project. However, is it smart to take the DIY route when getting life insurance? The answer is probably no. You are likely better off working with a broker. Continue reading


What You Need to Know About Term Insurance

+When you were in your teens or early 20s, you likely didn’t think about your own mortality as you had your whole life ahead of you and no one depending on you. However, now that you are in your 30s, and you have a new job, a new home, and a baby on the way, thinking about passing on is difficult but necessary, particularly if you are the sole or major income earner in your household. You should consider getting life insurance to provide financial security for your loved ones just in case. Life insurance is meant to cover the “what ifs” in life. Continue reading

Before It’s Too Late: Why Consult Toronto Life Insurance Brokers?

Getting a life insurance policy can protect your loved ones, especially your family because it can be their source of financial support after your death. A life insurance policy will allow the policy holder to name his spouse or children as beneficiaries, thereby protecting them from the financial impact of his untimely demise. Indeed, life insurance can give you and your family peace of mind and security.

Death is inevitable as much as it is unpredictable. Therefore, being prepared is necessary so you can help those whom you will leave behind go through a difficult time with ease. If you’re ready to buy life insurance, you can consult leading Toronto life insurance brokers like Insurance Advantage to help you get the right insurance policy and coverage for your needs.

Toronto Insurance Brokers Offer Affordable Life Insurance in Oakville

Toronto, Ontario (December 16, 2013) — Backed by their desire to provide Greater Toronto Area residents with cost-effective life insurance, the online brokers at Insurance Advantage are now offering affordable life insurance in Oakville, Ontario. Along with life insurance packages, the company also provides critical illness, disability, and long-term care coverage plans for individuals who have suffered a debilitating disease or accident.

With no one able to say whether or not they will avoid mishaps and sickness, Insurance Advantage believes that affordable life insurance must be available for all. In this regard, the company aims to be the trusted partner clients can lean on while preparing for scenarios that might befall them. With a highly skilled and experienced team of insurance professionals, Insurance Advantage scours products from many of Ontario’s biggest insurance providers to help their customers find the right package that fits their specific needs.

Getting Insured When You Have Diabetes

+Diabetes mellitus is a serious non-communicative disease. People with the illness typically suffer from the inability to produce insulin in order to combat high levels of blood sugar or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you have to understand that coping with the illness will require an adjustment to your lifestyle. Continue reading

Toronto Online Life Insurance Broker Offers Term Insurance Plans

Toronto, Canada (December 13, 2013) — In an effort to provide their customers with affordable life insurance packages, Insurance Advantage, a noted Toronto online life insurance company, is offering term life insurance plans from some of Canada’s most respected coverage suppliers.

Designed to provide life insurance for a specific period of time and, usually, with premiums that do not increase throughout the duration of the policy, term life insurance plans are less expensive than permanent life insurance plans. These attributes make them a great option for individuals starting families or who have recently purchased a new home and are operating on a tighter budget.

Insurance Advantage Offers Low Group Life Insurance Rates in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario (December 16, 2013) — The online brokerage team Insurance Advantage is trying to make an impact on the local group life insurance market by providing packages from Ontario’s leading insurance providers at affordable prices. Offering their corporate clients some of the best group life insurance rates in Toronto, the company hopes to emerge as a leading broker in the Greater Toronto Area.

Insurance Advantage particularly encourages prospective corporate buyers to study their products and services to discover options that will let them save on group insurance policies. Working with recognized coverage providers like SSQ Insurance, Transamerica Life Insurance, and Wawanesa Life, the Toronto-based company is able to ensure that their clients get the most suitable deal on a product that fits their needs and budget. They are also able to accomplish this thanks to the combined experience of their team members, who are all long-time insurance and financial specialists.

Why You Should Turn to a Life Insurance Broker

+A life insurance broker is a professional who can give you advice about meeting your insurance needs. Here are a few reasons why it can be better to go to a broker to get the policy most suited for you:

You’ll know your options better

Insurers won’t always present to you every type of coverage when you purchase directly from them. Brokers can inform you about the different types of coverage available and help you work out what you need. Aside from this, brokers have access to many more products than what just one insurer can provide—a fact that can be extremely beneficial if you can’t find what you need from one insurer. Continue reading

Insurance Advantage Offers Dependable Life Insurance on Mortgage Plans

Toronto, Ontario (December 16, 2013) – Insurance Advantage is offering options for life insurance on mortgage for people who are looking to protect a repayment mortgage for a specific property. With this type of policy, outstanding mortgage can be settled through a capital sum in the event that the insured passes away.

Generally, banks offer insurance to individuals who opt for home mortgages, which a great majority of the latter accept without much hesitation. Unfortunately, there are risks involved in accepting these offers, as explained in a CBC Marketplace episode entitled “In Denial.” The serious pitfalls include denied coverage as a result of post-event underwriting on the part of the bank, which tries to look for reasons to avoid paying out the policy. Another is the risk of premiums increasing slowly as the mortgage decreases with every payment, while the former remains constant.