Oakville Life Insurance Broker – Living Benefits

Oakville life insurance brokers like Insurance Advantage have extensive knowledge in Living Benefits like Critical Illness Insurance and will take the time to explain the details of this product.

If you want to learn more, use the services of a full service broker like Insurance Advantage. Go to the website and request an Oakville life insurance quote under the Living Benefits tab to get an idea of the costs and answers to any questions you might have.


Want a Good Toronto Online Life Insurance Plan with Great Rates? Lose a Few Pounds

Due to the health risks related to obesity, it’s normal for insurance companies to present obese men and women with higher insurance rates. To determine this, insurance companies look at the person’s body mass index (BMI), among other factors. Insurance companies each use their own formulas in computing a person’s premium, most of them using the person’s BMI.

The increase in premium shoots up further if a person’s BMI reaches 40 and beyond and there is a real possibility a policy may be outright DECLINED. It is always advisable to consult Toronto online life insurance websites and speak to a broker about which insurance companies are more forgiving of weight and lifestyle choices.

Getting Toronto Life Insurance Rates to Suit Your Lifestyle and Budget

There are many factors that go into determining life insurance rates in Toronto and elsewhere through-out Ontario and Canada. Age, gender and health are the obvious factors but insurance companies also look at things you can actually control. In the industry they are called Lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choices are things like smoking, extreme sports, weight, driving records etc. Lifestyle choices can affect your insurance premiums both negatively and positively. For example if you workout, eat right and are fit you may be offered cheaper Preferred rates, conversely if you are a mad extreme sport maniac that smokes you will likely be rated, meaning you will have to pay more than standard rates.

Making Informed Choices for Life Insurance in Toronto

Bank creditor insurance is usually post-underwritten as was the case in this unfortunate story. What this means is you are only asked a few simple questions during the application process and then when there is a death, the bank will start to investigate your medical records.

The smarter way is to consult licensed Toronto life insurance brokers such as Insurance Advantage. With their detailed product information, resourced from major life insurers in Ontario, you will be able to get coverage that will actually be there when you need it and avoid a lot of heartache and stress for you loved ones.

Toronto Life Insurance Brokers Help Families Become Financially Stable

If you wait too long, or if you don’t have enough coverage, you leave your family vulnerable to financial hardship in the event you are no longer there to provide for them. If you think you should forgo purchasing a policy until you’re older, know that premiums tend to increase as you age, so buying sooner rather than later will save you money.

When deciding on the amount of coverage needed a trusted Toronto life insurance broker like Insurance Advantage can quickly determine the amount you need, what type you should buy, what it will cost per month and with input from you whether or not it will comfortably fit into your budget.